A proven record of successful communications 

P46 Communications Manager Mary Ellin Arch has a proven track record of providing effective communications to support business goals and successes. Here are some of Mary Ellin’s recent accomplishments.


For Siddall Communications and the City of Richmond:

Mary Ellin was part of a team communicating major changes to Richmond’s bus rapid transit system during the spring and summer of 2018. Among Mary Ellin’s tangible outcomes:

  • Documented reach of informational communications to about 70,000 Richmond transit users through employer human resources departments, Virginia Commonwealth University, ChamberRVA, and other means
  • A high-profile speaking engagement for Richmond’s top transportation executive in front of top Richmond business leaders
  • High-profile and positive news coverage about the changing mass transit system and signature Free Rides Week events in such news outlets as the Richmond Times Dispatch, Richmond magazine, Richmond Free Press and Bacon’s Rebellion; coverage also appeared on all Richmond television stations, local blogs, Richmond public radio, and WRVA radio (which posted Mary Ellin’s FAQs to its website verbatim)


For Transurban USA, an international toll road manager:

Mary Ellin was part of an award-winning team communicating to northern Virginia about a new form of tolled interstate travel: the 495 Express Lanes. The campaign, conducted in 2011 and 2012, was recognized by the Richmond chapter of the Public Relations Society of Virginia in 2012 with awards for first place and Best in Show. Among Mary Ellin’s tangible outcomes:

  • Wrote informational articles for local northern Virginia media
  • Developed a social media policy and hundreds of stockpiled posts about the new lanes for Twitter and Facebook


For Pocahontas Parkway, a toll road in Richmond, Va:

Mary Ellin communicated seven toll price increases between 2008 and 2018, achieving largely neutral media coverage and community response due to the use of strategic communications, proactive positive key messaging, and value propositions touting the benefits of the toll road.

Mary Ellin also planned and executed two large-scale events: The groundbreaking of the Airport Connector Road in 2008, and the opening of the Connector in 2011. Both events were attended by high-profile national, state and local officials, and received positive media coverage. The groundbreaking also featured a signature “Blessing of the Ground” by the chiefs of three local Native American tribes, wearing full regalia; this special event element earned strong photo coverage in the local media.  


For the author of Izzy’s Fire and The Little Lion :

Mary Ellin led a successful effort to establish a Wikipedia presence spotlighting author Nancy Wright Beasley and her books. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nancy_Wright_Beasley